Tracking Singapore law with git

June 11, 2020

Because the elections are coming, I tried to understand what laws were introduced and what changes were made to the laws since the last election. I visited and they have this timeline box on each page and you have to select a date to see a version of the statute. There was no way to compare different versions on the same screen.

Today, I created a git repository to track all changes to the statutes.

Git is a version control system that records changes to a set of files over time. Combined with markdown, it becomes simple to see all changes made to a statute.

Behind the scenes, the documents on sso.agc are word-converted pages. That means you would have a table in a table in a table to display a line of text. There were too many small differences in the statute documents to cover every edge case so some of mine have unformatted text as a fallback.

This is a small step in my goal to create a powerful legal application on desktop. Please drop me an email if you're a law student or lawyer. I want to solve your problems.

Small and big changes to CPF act

Small and big changes to CPF act.

Changes to different acts on the same day

Changes to different acts on the same day.

Table waterfall

Table waterfall. By the way, sso.agc lazy loads text. Pure text!