A job for bots

May 31, 2020

In junior college, we had this department called the career guidance office. Their only purpose was to help students with their university applications because it can be overwhelming when you're new to applying to universities. When the time came for me to apply to one, I sent the office administrator an email to setup my account (new system and accounts had to be manually created).

My email went something like this:

K: Hello, can you create an account for me? Thanks

A: We have just completed an application cycle. May I know which cycle you're applying for?

K: This year's admissions cycle

A: We are unable to create account for admission 2020 as we have just completed sending the US applications

K: Ok so how should I do this year's applications

K: I'm referring to the application cycle that starts at the end of this year

A: Please check our website regularly for updates on application timelines and deadlines

A: Please email us in July to create the account for you

It's annoying for everyone involved. The person has likely answered many similar questions before.

So let machines handle the boring stuff! These are what bots are best at doing. The current language models can understand factive questions with great accuracy and they're everywhere on github. Just clone and go.

Besides, bots don't get frustrated. Humans do.